How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Original London Cast (1963)

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    • How To .... Finch
    • Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm .... Rosemary
    • Coffee Break .... Frump, Smitty and Office Staff
    • The Company Way .... Finch and Mr. Twimble
    • A Secretary Is Not a Toy .... Bratt, Frump and Office Staff
    • Been a Long Day .... Finch, Rosemary and Smitty
    • Grand Old Ivy .... Finch and Biggley
    • Paris Original .... Rosemary, Smitty, Miss Jones and Secretaries
    • Rosemary .... Finch and Rosemary
    • Cinderella, Darling .... Rosemary, Smitty and Secretaries
    • Love from a Heart of Gold .... Biggley and Hedy
    • I Believe in You .... Finch, Frump, Bratt and Executives
    • Brotherhood of Man .... Finch, Biggley, Frump, Bratt, Womper, Miss Jones and Office Staff

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