Porgy and Bess

Studio Cast (1959)


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Trivia & History

This studio cast version of PORGY AND BESS has been released on at least five different labels, each with different credits. Al Goodman, who recorded for many years using pseudonyms, is the only name among all of the credits who is known. It is assumed the only major label involved is the first (MGM Lion) issue and then the recording was leased to smaller labels, one giving Mr. Goodman credit. It is doubtful any of the singers names are real. All of the smaller label issues are identical, with a slightly different song order than the MGM Lion issue. There are likely other small label issues of this same album which have not been traced. For the Record: Pirouette FN-21 (S) Lee Carroll, Gene Jones, Bill St. Clair, Bob Storm, conducted by Al Goodman. E/Fidelio TLA-9072 (M)/TLS-6072 (S) (aka Delta Records and Egmont Records) Jennie Gray, Steve Jackson, with supporting soloists, chorus and New York Revue Orchestra conducted by Jimmy Warren. Crown CLP-5104 (M) George King, Carmen Naylor, Harlan Massey, Gene Simmons, conducted by Dave Nogell. Silver Seal UT-111 (M) Clara Ford, Jack Engels, William Enright, Martha Hill, conductor uncredited. All of the above use the song order: Overture, 01, 27, 32, 34, 04, 22, 63, 74, Finale medley.

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