Original Broadway Cast (1960)

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Bless This Land .... The Choir
  • Little Old New York .... Nita, Gertie and Company
  • Dr. Brock .... Reverend Brock
  • Artificial Flowers .... Tommy and the Parishioners
  • What's in It for You? .... Reverend Brock and Tommy
  • Reform .... Gertie and Two Girls (Nancy Emes, Carvel Carter)
  • Tommy, Tommy .... Laura
  • The Picture of Happiness .... Tommy, Margie and the Tenderloin Crowd
  • Dear Friend .... Reverend Brock, Laura, Jessica and the Parishioners
  • The Army of the Just .... Reverend Brock, Martin and Men
  • How the Money Changes Hands .... Reverend Brock, Nita, Liz, Frye, Gertie and Company
  • Good Clean Fun .... Reverend Brock and Company
  • My Miss Mary .... Tommy, Laura and Singers
  • My Gentle Young Johnny .... Nita
  • The Trial .... Company
  • Reform (Reprise) .... Gertie, Margie, Liz and Company
  • Little Old New York (Reprise) .... Company

Trivia & History

The two girls singing with Gertie (Lee Becker) in "Reform" are Nancy Emes and Carvel Carter.

The original LP issue included the show's souvenir program.

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