Original Broadway Cast (1951)

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Trivia & History

The original issue of this recording, RCA LOC-1003(M), was a collector's item for quite some time and this fact prompted one of the very early examples of bootleg copies. Most bootleg copies are recognizable because of the labels they appear on, but this example copied the original label and was issued without a cover. At first glance it appears real, but on closer scrutiny can be readily identified as a pirated record. The original pressing is of a very heavy vinyl typical of the 1950's records and contains five bands per side with two songs on some bands. The matrix number, E1 LVC 125/6, is printed on the label and stamped into the record between the last band and the label, as is normal. The illegal copy is of a very thin vinyl not in use in the 1950's and contains seven bands on side one and six on side two. The matrix number is printed on the label, but not stamped into the record. Instead of a matrix number, the title of the show is scratched into the vinyl. Upon listening, it is obvious that the pirated copy was taken from the 45 rpm set of the show which had been taped. The crosstalk from the tape can be heard on some portions of the disc. Although the green label of the original issue was copied, the printing is slightly larger than the original. This was only one of a series of pirated records, all taken from 45 rpm discs of shows, and all were very obvious even though the various original labels were copied. Many of the rare 1950's shows on Capitol were among them.

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