Lolita, My Love

Pre-Broadway Cast (Boston) (1971)

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  • Overture
  • Going, Going, Gone
  • The Same Old Song
  • Saturday
  • In the Broken Promise Land of Fifteen
  • Same Old Song, The (reprise)
  • Dante, Petrarch and Poe
  • Sur les Quais
  • Charlotte's Letter
  • Farewell, Little Dream
  • At the Bed-D-By Motel
  • Tell Me, Tell Me
  • Buckin' for Beardsley
  • Beardsley School for Girls
  • March Out of My Life
  • Same Old Song, The (reprise)
  • All You Can Do Is Tell Me You Love Me
  • How Far Is It to the Next Town?
  • Lolita
  • Finale

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