All in Love

Off-Broadway Cast (1961)





Mrs. Malaprop
Sir Anthony Absolute
Lydia Languish
Jack Absolute
Bob Acres
Lucius O'Trigger
Sir Percival Crumble
Sir William Holdfast
Sir Roger Backstep
Sir Thomas Standpat
Lady Garter
Lady Climber
Lady Barter
Lady Slattern-Lounger

Track List

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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • Poor .... Lydia, Jack
    • What Can It Be? .... Lucy, Chorus
    • Odds .... Acres, Jack
    • I Love a Fool .... Jack
    • A More Than Ordinary Glorious Vocabulary
    • Women Simple .... Mrs. Malaprop / Sir Anthony
    • The Lady Was Made to Be Loved .... Sir Anthony, Jack
    • Honour .... Trigger, Acres
    • I Found Him
    • Day Dreams .... Lucy / Servants
    • Don't Ask Me .... Jack, Lydia
    • Why Wives? .... O'Trigger, Bag, Grenadiers
    • All in Love
    • Finale .... Sir Anthony, Jack, Company / Company

Trivia & History

Jonathan Tunick created the orchestrations for the stage production, but we have been told that the orchestrations heard on this recording were not by him.

We have no recording date for this album, but it seems to have been at least several weeks after the opening as replacements are heard in a few of the non-principal roles.

Although not included in the album's song list, 'Women Simple" is heard on the recording, on the same track with "A More Than Ordinary Glorious Vocabulary." It is first sung by Lee Cass as a solo, then he sings it in counterpoint with the end of "A More Than Ordinary Glorious Vocabulary," sung by Mimi Randolph.

Similarly, "Day Dreams" is on the recording although it is not included in the album's song list. It is, however, mentioned in the plot synopsis on the inside of the album's foldout jacket. The song occurs is on the same track with "I Found Him." Again, it is first heard by itself, sung by the chorus, then in counterpoint with "I Found Him," sung by Christina Gillespie.

We have included both songs in our track list for the recording.

"What Can It Be?" and "I Found Him" are reprised by the entire company in the finale.

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