Off-Broadway Production (1996)

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Mary Lou

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Act One

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  • Overture (Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique, Op. 13) .... The Trio: Rita, Lee and Mary Lou
  • Three Little Maids (Gilbert and Sullivan) .... The Trio
  • Jesse's Lullaby (music by J. Brahms) .... The Trio
  • Ode to Connie Carlson .... Mickey and Mo
  • Sigma, Alpha, Iota .... The Trio
  • Ode to Jo .... Mickey and Mo
  • From Chopin to Country (music by Frederic Chopin) ..... The Trio
  • Kingdom of Country (music by C. Converse / Murfitt) .... Jo with Trio
  • Songs My Mama Sang (traditional hymn, additional music by M. Murfitt) .... Jo and Mary Lou
  • Heads or Tails .... Lee and Rita
  • Love's Sorrow (music by Fritz Kreisler) .... Jo, Rita and Lee
  • Looking for a Miracle .... Mary Lou, Jo and Company

Act Two

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  • Don't Call Me Trailer Trash .... Mickey and Mo
  • Honky Tonk Girl .... Rita
  • Every Saturday Night .... Jo and Trio
  • Don't Look Down .... Lee with Rita
  • They're All Cowgirls to Me .... Jo and Trio
  • Saddle Tramp Blues .... Mary Lou with Rita and Lee
  • It's Time to Come Home .... Jo
  • We're a Travelin' Trio .... The Trio
  • Sunflower .... The Trio
  • Concert Medley .... Company
  • House Rules .... Jo and Company
  • Cowgirls .... The Trio

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