Merrily We Roll Along

Off-Broadway Revival (2019)

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Beth, Meg, K. T.
Joe, Glen Wilson, Mr. Spencer
Gussie, Mrs. Spencer

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  • Merrily We Roll Along .... Company
  • Rich and Happy .... Frank & Company
  • Like It Was .... Mary
  • Franklin Shepard, Inc. .... Charley
  • Old Friends .... Mary, Frank, Charley
  • Growing Up ... Frank, Gussie
  • Not a Day Goes By .... Beth
  • Now You Know .... Charley, Joe, Mary, Frank
  • He's Only a Boy .... Gussie
  • It's a Hit! .... Joe, Charley, Frank, Mary, Beth
  • The Blob .... Gussie & Company
  • Growing Up .... Gussie
  • Good Thing Going .... Charley, Frank
  • Bobby and Jackie and Jack .... Charley, Beth, Frank, Mary
  • Not a Day Goes By ... Beth, Frank, Mary
  • Opening Doors .... Frank, Charley, Mary, Joe, Beth
  • Our Time .... Frank, Charley, Mary

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Trivia & History

The production is performed in one act. Many revisions have been made to the text, with material from at least two drafts (lines that did not end up in either licensed version), from the 1981 opening-night version, from the licensed revision, and from the Kaufman and Hart play of the same title that is the musical's source material. There also seem to be some completely new lines.

No one is credited with the revisions, but it is understood that the script is a collaborative effort of the Fiasco Theatre Company (Jessie Austrian, Noah Brody, Ben Steinfeld), with input perhaps from the three cast members who are not Fiasco members.

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