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Original Off-Broadway Production (2017)

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Sad Sack
Pallas / Mary
Lincoln / MP
Washington / Sergeant Mike / Threeoaks
Soldier / Gaylord
Featured Dancer / Soldier

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  • Gee, But It's Great to Be in the Army
  • Something New Has Been Added
  • Twenty-Five Words or Less
  • The Saga of the (Sad) Sack
  • Something New Has Been Added (Reprise)
  • PX Parade
  • Classification Blues
  • New Style Bonnet
  • Who Says It's Great to Be in the Army
  • Why Do They Call a Private a Private
  • Come on Honey
  • Way Down Texas Way
  • When He Comes Home
  • Report From the Carribean
  • First Class Private Mary Brown
  • Poor Lonely MP
  • Lost in a Cloud of Blue
  • Ballet
  • Most Important Job
  • Song of the WAC
  • First Class Private Mary Brown (Reprise)
  • Report From the Carribean (Reprise)
  • America (Is the Place for Me)

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