London Revival (2016)

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Effie White...
Deena Jones...
Lorrell Robinson...
Curtis Taylor, Jr....
James 'Thunder' Early...
C.C. White...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • I'm Looking for Something
  • Goin' Downtown
  • Takin' the Long Way Home
  • Move (You're Steppin' on My Heart)
  • Fake Your Way to the Top
  • Cadillac Car
  • Steppin' to the Bad Side
  • Party, Party
  • I Want You Baby
  • Family
  • Dreamgirls
  • Press Conference
  • Heavy
  • It's All Over
  • And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going

  • Act Two

  • Love Love You Baby
  • When I First Saw You
  • I Am Changing
  • Ain't No Party
  • I Meant You No Harm
  • The Rap
  • I Miss You Old Friend
  • One Night Only
  • I'm Somebody
  • Listen
  • Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love
  • Dreamgirls (reprise)

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