Broadway Production (1900)

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Cyrus W. Gilfain, proprietor of the Island and the perfume of Florodora
Captain Arthur Donegal, Fourth Royal Life Guards, Lady Holyrood's brother
Frank Abercoed, Manager for Mr. Gilfain of the Island of Florodora
Leandro, overseer of farms
Anthony Tweedlepunch, showman, phrenologist, hypnotist and palmist
Valleda, maid to Lady Holyrood
Angela Gilfain
Lady Holyrood
Tennyson Sims

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Opening Chorus .... Chorus
  • Sextet Overture .... The Clerks and Chorus
  • Somebody .... Dolores and Abercoed
  • Chorus of Welcome .... Chorus
  • Come and See Our Island .... Chorus and English Girls
  • When I Leave Town .... Lady Holyrood
  • Galloping .... Angela and Donegal
  • I Want to Marry a Man .... Lady H., Gilfain and Tweedlepunch
  • Phrenology .... Gilfain and Chorus
  • Under the Shade of the Palms .... Abercoed
  • Finale .... Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Opening Chorus .... Chorus
  • Tact .... Lady Holyrood and Chorus
  • When You're a Millionaire .... Gilfain and Chorus
  • Tell Me, Pretty Maiden .... Clerks and English Girls
  • We Get Up at 8 A. M. .... Leandro and Valleda
  • Willie Was a Gay Boy .... Angela
  • We're Both on the Stage .... Dolores and Tweedlepunch and Chorus
  • I've an Inkling .... Lady Holyrood
  • Queen of the Philippine Islands .... Dolores
  • Barn Dance .... Orchestra
  • I Want to Be a Military Man .... Donegal and Chorus
  • Finale .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

Some online sources incorrectly list the opening date as having been November 10, 1900, rather than November 12 (the correct date).

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