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New York Shakespeare Festival Workshop (1977)

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Small Times
Home Boy

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There were no individual song titles.

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Most of the actors in this workshop were not members of Actors' Equity.

Harold Cromer's name did not appear in the cast list, but his name did appear in the bios, listed as playing "Hoofer." We include him in our cast list as we are fairly certain he was in the production, as he went on to be in the New York Shakespeare Festival's full production of the show that soon followed this workshop. In the full production, he was listed as playing Mess Hall. That role was played in this workshop by Jimmy Smith. 

Jimmy Smith's name was listed differently in the bios than in the cast list. In the cast list, he was Jimmy Smith. In the bios, he was J.W. "Jimmy" Smith.

Similarly, in the cast list, the actor who played Frankie was listed as Manuel Santiago, but in the bios he was listed as Manuel E. Santiago de Tilen. 

In the cast list, the role played by Henry Bradley was listed as Small Time, but in the bios the character name was given as Small Times. We list the character as Small Times in our cast list as that is the name listed for the character in the program for the full production that followed, where the role was again played by Bradley. 

In his bio, cast member Billy Barnes joked about the fact that he had the same name as the considerably better known writer and performer Billy Barnes.

There was no list of musical numbers in the program.

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