Walking Happy

West Coast Tour (1967)

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Cast Highlights

Will Mossop
Maggie Hobson
Henry Horatio Hobson
Tubby Wadlow
George Beenstock
Mrs. Hepworth
Alice Hobson
Vickie Hobson
Albert Beenstock
Freddie Beenstock

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture .... Orchestra]*
  • Think of Something Else .... Hobson, Beenstock and Townsmen
  • Where Was I .... Maggie
  • How D'ya Talk to a Girl .... Will and Tubby
  • Clog and Grog .... Townsmen
  • If I Be Your Best Chance .... Will
  • A Joyful Thing .... Will, Mrs. Figgins, Ada Figgins and Townspeople
  • What Makes It Happen .... Will
  • Use Your Noggin .... Maggie, Vickie and Alice

Act Two

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  • I'll Make a Man of the Man .... Maggie
  • Walking Happy .... Will, Maggie and Townspeople
  • I Don't Think I'm in Love .... Will and Maggie
  • Such a Sociable Sort .... Hobson and Friends
  • It Might As Well Be Her .... Will and Tubby
  • You're Right, You're Right .... Will, Maggie and Hobson
  • I Don't Think I'm in Love .... Will

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Trivia & History

It was originally expected that this tour would continue to other cities after the runs in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but it did not.

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