Holler If Ya Hear Me

Original Broadway Production (2014)

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • My Block .... John, Company
  • Dopefiend's Diner .... Vertus, My Block Chorus
  • Life Goes On .... Anthony, Darius, Nunn, Lemar, Reggie, My Block Chorus
  • I Get Around
  • Keep Ya Head Up .... Darius, Reggie, Lemar, Corinne, Kamilah, My Block Chorus
  • I Ain't Mad at Cha .... Vertus, John, My Block Women
  • Please Wake Me When I'm Free
  • The Rose That Grew From Concrete .... Corinne, Kamilah
  • Me Against the World .... John, Corinne
  • Whatz Next .... Vertus, Darius, Anthony, Corinne, My Block Chorus
  • Dear Mama .... Vertus, My Block Chorus
  • Holler If Ya Hear Me .... John, Anthony, Darius, My Block Chorus

  • Act Two

  • My Block (Reprise) .... Anthony, Darius
  • Changes .... John, Griffy, Vertus, Anthony, My Block Chorus
  • Resist the Temptation
  • Dear Mama (Reprise) .... Vertus, Mrs. Weston
  • Hail Mary .... John, Darius, Anthony, Young Souljas
  • Unconditional Love .... John, Corinne
  • I Ain't Mad at Cha (Reprise) .... John, Street Preacher
  • If I Die 2Nite .... Anthony, Darius, Reggie, Lemar, Young Souljas
  • Only God Judge Me .... Anthony
  • Thugz Mansion .... John, Vertus, Griffy
  • California Love .... Reggie, Lemar, Young Souljas, Young Block Women
  • Ghetto Gospel .... Company

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: June 2, 2014 (17 prev.)
OPENING: June 19, 2014
CLOSING: July 20, 2014
LENGTH OF RUN: 38 perf.
RUN TYPE: Open-ended

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MARKET: Broadway


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