I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road

Encores! Off-Center Concert (2013)

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Jake (Acoustic Guitar)
Electric Guitar

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  • Natural High .... Heather, Alice, Cheryl and the Liberated Man's Band
  • Smile .... Heather, Jake, Cheryl, Alice, Scott, Lee and the Band
  • In a Simple Way I Love You .... Heather and the Band
  • Miss America .... Heather, Alice and Cheryl
  • Strong Woman Number .... Alice, Heather and Cheryl
  • Dear Tom .... Heather
  • Old Friend .... Heather
  • In a Simple Way I Love You (Reprise) .... Jake
  • Put in a Package and Sold .... Heather, Alice and Cheryl
  • If Only Things Was Different .... Jake
  • Feel the Love .... Company
  • Lonely Lady .... Heather
  • Happy Birthday .... Heather and the Band
  • Natural High (Reprise) .... Company

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