Wonderful Town

Brussels World's Fair Production (1958)

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Production Supervisor

Cast Highlights

Ruth Sherwood
Eileen Sherwood
Robert Baker
Chick Clark
Frank Lippencott
Mrs. Wade
Officer Lonigan
Speedy Valenti

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Trivia & History

One of two musicals presented as examples of American culture at the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels. The other was a production of Carousel. Both were productions of The New York City Center Light Opera Company. New York City Opera presented Carlisle Floyd's opera Susannah between the runs of the two musicals. At the time, New York City Opera and The New York City Center Light Opera Company both performed at New York City Center and the two companies also shared staff. Jean Dalrymple, director of the Light Opera Company, was the coordinator of the United States Performing Arts Program for the World's Fair.

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