Nevertheless, They Laugh

Original Off-Off-Broadway Production (1971)

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Papa Briguet
Baron Regnard
A Gentleman

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • You Must Forget .... Jackson, Jezebel, Papa Briguet, Mancini, Circus Performers
  • The Clown .... He
  • No One Will Know .... Zinida, Papa Briguet, He
  • Can You Love .... Zinida
  • The Baron .... Jezebel, Helene, Sylvette, Ernestine,
  • Believe .... Baron Regnard, Consuelo
  • Nevertheless, They Laugh .... He, Papa Briguet, Jackson, Jezebel, Circus Performers
  • One Simple Song .... Zinida
  • I Don't Understand It .... Consuelo
  • Consuelo .... He
  • More Than You .... He

Act Two

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  • Freaks .... Gentleman, Jackson, Jezebel, Ernestine, Hugo, He, Circus Performers
  • Soliloquy .... Consuelo
  • Once and For All .... Bezano
  • More Than Me .... He
  • Everything Fine .... Papa Briguet, Zinida, Circus Performers
  • I Charmed the Wine .... He, Consuelo
  • You Must Forget (Reprise) .... Circus Performers

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Trivia & History

The production played a limited run of five performances, possibly only for invited audiences. The hope seems to have been to attract backers for a Broadway production. Articles in the New York Times on August 20 and on August 29, 1971, mentioned it as a possibility for the 1971-1972 season.

On November 3, a Times theatre column started with a report that the production would open on Broadway in January, with Tony Tanner directing. The producers were to be Les Schechter and Barbara Schwei. The production was capitalized at $200,000. The production never happened.

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