A Chorus Line

Claridge Casino & Hotel Production (1992)

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  • I Hope I Get It .... Company
  • I Can Do That .... Mike
  • And . . . .... Bobby, Richie, Val, and Judy
  • At the Ballet .... Sheila, Bebe and Maggie
  • Sing! .... Kristine and Al
  • Montage (Part I): Hello, Twelve; Hello, Thirteen; Hello, Love .... Mark, Connie and Company
  • Montage (Part II): Nothing .... Diana
  • Montage (Part III): Mother .... Maggie, Judy, and Company
  • Montage (Part IV): Gimme the Ball .... Greg, Richie and Company
  • Dance: Ten; Looks: Three .... Val
  • The Music and the Mirror .... Cassie
  • One .... Company
  • The Tap Combination .... Company
  • What I Did for Love .... Diana and Company
  • One (Finale) .... Company

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