Pre-Broadway Revival Tour (1987)

Trivia & History

Rehearsed from January 26-February 15 at Radio City Music Hall, and then did technical rehearsals from February 16-25 at the Playhouse Theatre in Wilmington.

Our credits and our list of musical numbers are based primarily on what was in the playbill for the opening run of this tour, at the Playhouse in Wilmington. It may be that some adjustments and additions were made as the tour continued that brought it closer to how people were credited and what musical numbers were listed in the playbill when the production opened on Broadway. We have made, however, made a few adjustments. We have added the "If I Could See Her" reprise to the list of musical numbers (since this is such an important number and it is where the song is truly first heard, despite it being listed as a reprise), and it was in the tour from that first engagement. It was surely an error that it was left out of the list of musical numbers. Also, we have included David Baker and Ronald Melrose's important credits for dance arrangements, with the note by their names that they were uncredited. In the Broadway playbill, they were credited among the additional credits after the Who's Who. In Wilmington, they were not credited at all. 

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