J.P. Morgan Saves the Nation

Original New York Production (1995)

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Cast Highlights

Uncle Sam (A National Symbol)
G. Washington, Esq. (A Father)
Liberty (A Mother)
J. Pierpont Morgan (A Banker)
19th Century Market Capitalism (A Devil)
All American Businesspersons (A Dance Ensemble)

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  • All American Businessmen
  • JP Morgan
  • I Loved A Sailor
  • The Lesson
  • Greenback Dollars
  • Get What You Want
  • The Woman Died
  • Run That Railroad
  • Railroad War
  • He Don't Know How
  • Gentlemen's Agreement
  • Your Loving Wife/Jack O Diamonds
  • Appetite Annie
  • The Bail Out
  • The Panic
  • Hold On To Your Money
  • I See A Man
  • Proceedings
  • Sail On

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