London Production (2012)

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  • 13/Becoming a Man .... Evan and Company
  • The Lamest Place in the World .... Patrice
  • Hey Kendra .... Brett, Malcolm, Eddie, Lucy and Kendra
  • Get Me What I Need .... Archie and Company
  • Opportunity [ii] .... Lucy and Company
  • What It Means to Be a Friend .... Patrice
  • All Hail the Brain .... Evan
  • Terminal Illness .... Evan, Archie and Company
  • Getting Ready .... Company
  • Any Minute .... Brett, Kendra, Patrice and Archie
  • Good Enough .... Patrice
  • Bad, Bad News .... Eddie, Malcolm, Simon and Richie
  • Tell Her .... Evan and Patrice
  • It Can't be True .... Lucy, Molly, Cassie, Charlotte and Company
  • If That's What It Is .... Archie, Patrice and Evan
  • A Little More Homework .... Evan and Company
  • Brand New You .... Cassie, Charlotte, Molly and Company

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