George M!

National Tour (1969)

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Cast Highlights

Fay Templeton
Jerry Cohan
George M. Cohan
Nellie Cohan
Ethel Levey
Agnes Nolan
Josie Cohan
Draper's Assistant / Wardrobe Lady
1st Little Girl / Sharpshooter's Assistant / Pushcart Girl / Little Girl in Fay Templeton Scene
E. F. Albee / Living Statue / Ben / Mayor / Mort

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Musical Moon, The .... Jerry and Nellie Cohan
  • Oh, You Wonderful Boy .... Josie Cohan
  • All Aboard for Broadway .... George Cohan, then Four Cohans
  • The Four of Us .... Four Cohans
  • All Aboard for Broadway (Reprise) .... Four Cohans and Full Company
  • I Was Born in Virginia .... Ethel Levey
  • Twentieth Century Love .... Four Cohans and Ethel Levey
  • My Town .... George
  • Billie .... Agnes Nolan
  • Push Me Along in My Pushcart .... Ethel Levey and Pushcart Girls
  • Ring to the Name of Rosie, A .... Josie Cohen and Bell Ringers
  • Popularity .... Willie and Full Company
  • Give My Regards to Broadway .... George and Full Company

Act Two

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  • Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway .... George, then Rose
  • So Long, Mary .... George and Sam Harris, then Rose, Freddie and Ma Templeton
  • Down by the Erie .... Secretary, Politicians, Little Girl, then Full Company
  • Mary .... Fay Templeton
  • All Our Friends .... Sam Harris and Full Company
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • Nellie Kelly, I Love You
  • Harrigan
  • Over There
  • You're a Grand Old Flag .... George and Full Company
  • City, The .... Full Company
  • I'd Rather Be Right .... George and Company
  • Give My Regards to Broadway (Reprise) .... George

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