Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

World Premiere (2012)

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Cast Highlights

Joe McCandless
Monique McCandless
Drake McCandless
Frank McCandless
Jack McCandless
Andy McCandless
The Shape
Anna Wicklow
Dan Coker

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • That's Me .... The Shape
  • That's Who I Am .... Anna
  • So Goddamn Smart .... Andy, Jack and Jenna
  • How Many Days .... Joe and Ensemble
  • Home Again .... Jenna, Andy, Jack, Dan and Ensemble
  • And You Are Blind .... Drake
  • What's Going On Here? .... Monique
  • Brotherly Love .... Drake and Frank
  • My Name is Joe .... Young Joe and Ensemble
  • Tear This Cabin Down .... Dan and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Lounging Around in Heaven .... The Shape
  • Tear This Cabin Down (Reprise) .... Dan, Jenna, Andy and Jack
  • And Your Days are Gone .... Andy, Jack, Jenna and Ensemble
  • On Belle Reve Time .... Monique and Ensemble
  • Jukin' .... Jenna and Ensemble
  • Put Me in the Ground .... Jack, Andy, Frank, Drake and Ensemble
  • What Kind of Man Am I? .... Joe and Ensemble
  • Away From This World .... Jenna and Ensemble
  • A Rose for Poor Anna .... Anna
  • Away From This World (Reprise) .... Jenna
  • The Truth is Here .... Joe, Young Joe, Dan, The Shape and Ensemble

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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