Ziegfeld: A Night at the Follies

National Tour (1991)

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Cast Highlights

Production Tenor
Mary (a Midwestern farm girl)
Mitzi (a Brooklyn telephone operator)
Madeline (a Philadelphia debutante)
John (a farmboy, Mary's beau)
Junior (a banker, Madeline's fiance)
Joe (a repairman, Mitzi's boyfriend)
Stage Manager
Lorraine (a chorus girl)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Girl on the Magazine Cover .... Production Tenor
  • Destination Broadway .... Mary, Mitzi and Madeline
  • The Hat Song .... Production Tenor
  • Medley .... Company
  • Lost Liberty Blues .... Mae
  • They All need a Little Hot-Cha .... Lorraine, Louise, Lulu, Mitzi, Mary and Madeline
  • Do the New York .... Production Tenor and Ensemble
  • So Long! Oo-Long .... Eddie and Bye-Bye Babies
  • You Cannot Make Your Shimmy Shake on Tea .... Shimmy Girl
  • The Harlem Waltz .... Harlem Duo
  • Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love .... Mae
  • What'll I Do? .... Joe, Junior and John
  • Taking a Chance on Love .... Joe, Junior, John, Mitzi, Madeline and Mary
  • A Girl For Each Month of the Year .... Eddie and Calendar Girls

Act Two

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  • How'dja Like to Love Me? .... Mae and Eddie
  • Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland .... Ensemble
  • Poor Butterfly .... Junior and Dragonfly
  • Find Me a Primitive Man .... Madeline, Savages, Junior, W. C., Eddie and Primitive Man
  • Shaking the Blues Away .... Mermaids, Junior, Bathing Beauties and Madeline
  • My Old Flame .... Mitzi
  • Oh, You Beautiful Doll .... Mitzi, Teddy Bear and Clown
  • The Toy Trumpet .... Joe and Dolly Brigade
  • My Baby Just Cares for Me .... Joe and Mitzi
  • The Object of my Affection .... Production Baritone, Male Trio, Mary and John
  • Easy to Love .... John and Mary
  • Stairway to the Stars .... Mary, John, Stars, Planets and Comets
  • It's Only a Paper Moon .... Mae, Eddie, Mary and John, Mitzi and Joe, Madeline and Junior
  • A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody .... Production Tenor and Company

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