Billy Elliot

2nd National Tour (2010)

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Billy Elliot...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • The Stars Look Down .... Company
  • Shine .... Mrs. Wilkinson, Ballet Girls & Billy Elliot
  • Grandma's Song .... Grandma & Men's Ensemble
  • Solidarity .... Company
  • Expressing Yourself .... Michael, Billy Elliot & Ensemble
  • Dear Billy (Mum's Letter) .... Billy Elliot, Mrs. Wilkinson & Dead Mum
  • Born to Boogie .... Billy Elliot, Mrs. Wilkinson & Mr. Braithwaite
  • Angry Dance .... Orchestra

  • Act Two

  • Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher .... Company
  • Deep Into the Ground .... Dad & Ensemble
  • Swan Lake Sequence .... Orchestra
  • He Could Be a Star .... Dad, Tony & Ensemble
  • Electricity .... Billy Elliot
  • Once We Were Kings .... Company
  • Dear Billy (Billy's Reply) .... Billy Elliot & Dead Mum

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Trivia & History

The tour went on hiatus from August 24-November 1, 2011.  Ticket sales had been poorer than expected and several runs were cancelled or cut short.

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