In Circles

Return Engagement (1968)

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Cast Highlights

Cousin (He has an army in his room.)
Dole (He plays the piano.)
Mildred (As round as around as an apple.)
Mable (She serves tea and circles.)
Jessie (Cut wood.)
Lucy Armitage (A lady of culture and understanding.)
George (He can think of kissing her.)
Ollie (An Englishman from the United Kingdom.)
Sylvia (and Flags.)
The Citizen (An innocent abroad.)

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Musical Numbers

There were no individual song titles.

Trivia & History

For this return engagement, a second half was added to the production of the intermissionless and short In Circles. After In Circles, Al Carmines performed a solo recital of his songs, titled Songs by Carmines. He accompanied himself at the piano, which he also played for the performance of In Circles. 

Carmines withdrew from the cast after July 7 to fullfill come concert engagments in Edinburgh and London. Songs by Carmines continued to be listed in ads for the show so presumably some or all of the cast of In CIrcles took over for him. It's possible that Carmines returned to the double bill before the end of the run on August 11.

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