The Secret Garden

Fifth Avenue Theatre Production (1999)

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Mary Lennox
Archibald Craven
Colin Craven

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Opening Dream .... Lily, Fakir, Mary Lennox and Company
  • There's a Girl .... Company
  • The House Upon the Hill .... Company
  • I Heard Someone Crying .... Mary Lennox, Archibald Craven, Lily and Company
  • A Fine White Horse .... Martha
  • A Girl in the Valley .... Lily, Archibald Craven and Dancers
  • It's a Maze .... Ben, Mary Lennox and Dickon
  • Winter's on the Wing .... Dickon
  • Show Me the Key .... Mary Lennox and Dickon
  • A Bit of Earth .... Archibald Craven
  • Storm I .... Company
  • Lily's Eyes .... Archibald Craven and Dr. Neville Craven
  • Storm II .... Mary Lennox and Company
  • Round-Shouldered Man .... Colin
  • Final Storm .... Company

Act Two

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  • The Girl I Mean to Be .... Mary Lennox and Company
  • Quartet .... Archibald Craven, Dr. Neville Craven, Rose and Lily
  • Race You to the Top of the Morning .... Archibald Craven
  • Wick .... Dickon and Mary Lennox
  • Come to My Garden .... Lily and Colin
  • Come Spirit, Come Charm .... Mary Lennox, Martha, Dickon, Fakir, Ayah, Lily and Company
  • A Bit of Earth (Reprise) .... Lily, Rose and Captain Albert Lennox
  • Disappear .... Dr. Neville Craven
  • Hold On .... Martha
  • Letter Song .... Mary Lennox and Martha
  • Where in the World .... Archibald Craven
  • How Could I Ever Know? .... Lily and Archibald Craven
  • Finale .... Company

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