Kenley Players Production (1983)

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Cast Highlights

Phineas T. Barnum
Chairy Barnum
Ringmaster/Julius Goldschmidt/James A. Bailey
Joice Heth
Tom Thumb
Jenny Lind
Mrs. Sherwood Stratton
Sherwood Stratton
Baton Twirler
Amos Scudder

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • There is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute .... Barnum
  • Thank God I'm Old .... Joice Heth and Tambourine Players
  • The Colors of My Life .... Barnum, then Chairy
  • One Brick at a Time .... Chairy, Barnum and Bricklayers
  • Museum Song .... Barnum
  • I Like Your Style .... Barnum and Chairy
  • Bigger Isn't Better .... Tom Thumb
  • Love Makes Such Fools of Us All .... Jenny Lind
  • Out There .... Barnum

Act Two

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  • Come Follow the Band .... The Potomac Marching Band and Washingtonians
  • Black and White .... Chairy, Choir, Blues Singer, Barnum, Citizens of Bridgeport
  • The Colors of My Life (Reprise) .... Barnum and Chairy
  • The Prince of Humbug .... Barnum
  • Join the Circus .... James A. Bailey, All Circus Performers and Barnum

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