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Off-Broadway Revival (1960)

Trivia & History

The production had been announced to open on March 23, 1960 (with previews starting on March 14), but the opening was delayed, ostensbily because of a spate of off-Broadway openings at the time but probably at least in part because of changes that were being made, including cast changes.The production remained in previews during the delay.

It was not the first delay. The production had originally been announced to open on November 11, 1959.

The budget was $15,000.

The production was a nod at early movie musicals. Black and white scenery and costumes were utilized with some production numbers featuring using color to resemble the Technicolor sequences inserted into early films.

There was apparently a great deal of drama backstage as the cast leads were all replaced mid-April.

On February 26, 1960, it was reported in Stuart W. Little's theatre column in the Herald Tribune that Merv Griffin would be starring opposite Judy Johnson. Griffin did not end up in the show, but Johnnson did open the show, although she left before the three-week run was over.

A week later, on March 3, it was reported in the Times that Frank Aletter would be in the show. No role was mentioned, but Aletter ended up playing Guy, the role that Griffin would have played. Aletter, like Johnson, left the show before the run was over.

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