The Witches of Eastwick

Signature Theatre Production (2007)

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Cast Highlights

Sukie Rougemont
Jane Smart
Alexandra Spofford
Darryl Van Horne
Raymond Neff
Rebecca Barnes
Toby Bergman
Joe Marino
Jennifer Gabriel
Marge Perley

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Opening
  • Eastwick Knows .... Company
  • Make Him Mine .... Alexandra, Jane and Sukie
  • Darryl Van Horne .... Darryl and Ensemble
  • Waiting For the Music to Begin .... Jane and Darryl
  • Words, Words, Words .... Sukie and Darryl
  • Your Wildest Dreams .... Alexandra and Darryl
  • Something .... Jennifer and Michael
  • Dirty Laundry .... Felicia and Ensemble
  • I Wish I May .... Alexandra, Jane and Sukie
  • Act I Finale .... Alexandra, Jane, Sukie and Darryl

Act Two

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  • Another Night at Darryl's .... Alexandra, Jane and Sukie
  • Dance With the Devil .... Darryl, Michael and Ensemble
  • Evil .... Felicia and Clyde
  • Dirty Laundry (Reprise) .... Alexandra, Jane, Sukie, Darryl and Ensemble
  • Darryl Van Horne (Reprise) .... Darryl, Jennifer and Ensemble
  • The Wedding .... Company
  • Look at Me .... Alexandra, Jane and Sukie

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  • Original Cast (2007)
    Harry A. Winter , Scott J. Strasbaugh , Thomas Adrian Simpson , Tammy Roberts , Diego Prieto
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