Pacific Overtures

West Coast Tour (1976)

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Kabuki Consultant

Cast Highlights

Abe, First Councillor
Shogun's Mother
Tamate (Kayama's Wife) / Samurai (with a mask) / Storyteller / Swordsman
Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry
Old Man

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea .... Reciter and Company
  • There Is No Other Way .... Tamate, Observers
  • Four Black Dragons .... Fisherman, Thief, Reciter, Townspeople
  • Chrysanthemum Tea .... Shogun (Reciter), Shogun's Mother, Shogun's Wife, Soothsayer, Priests, Shogun's Companion, Physician. Sumo Wrestlers
  • Poems .... Kayama, Manjiro
  • Welcome to Kanagawa .... Madam and Girls
  • Someone in a Tree .... Old Man, Reciter, Boy, Warrior
  • Lion Dance .... Commodore Perry

Act Two

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  • Please Hello .... Abe, Reciter, American, British, Dutch, Russian and French Admirals
  • A Bowler Hat .... Kayama, Manjiro
  • Pretty Lady .... Three British Sailors
  • Next .... Reciter and Company

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