Theda Bara and the Frontier Rabbi

Musicals in Mufti Production (2005)

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Theda Bara
Rabbi Isaac Birnbaum
Adolph Zukor / Morris
Gordon Edwards / Sammy Goldfish
D. W. Griffith
Fanny / Foremother
Selwyn Farp
Irene / Foremother
Rachel Birnbaum

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  • Father, I Have Sinned!
  • Frontier Rabbi
  • There Are So Many Things That a Vampire Can't Do
  • It's Like a Movie
  • Velcome to Shul
  • Bolt of Love
  • The Sermon
  • The Scene With the Grapes
  • Another Rabbit Outta the Hat
  • There Are So Many Things That a Vampire Can Do
  • If She Came Back Again
  • Waiting for the Kiss to Come
  • Oh, Succubus
  • Only Dreaming
  • Finale

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