On the 20th Century

Touring Revival (1986)

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Cast Highlights

Owen O'Malley
Oliver Webb
Letitia Primrose
Oscar Jaffee
Lily Garland
Bruce Granit
Lead Actor
Conductor Flanagan
Congressman Grover Lockwood

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Stranded Again .... Chicago Actors
  • On the 20th Century .... Porters, Passengers, Conductor Flanagan, Owen, Oliver
  • I Rise Again .... Oscar, Owen, Oliver
  • Indian Maiden's Lament .... Imelda
  • Veronique .... Lily and Company
  • I Have Written a Play .... Conductor Flanagan
  • Together .... Porters, Passengers, Oscar
  • Never .... Lily, Owen, Oliver
  • Our Private World .... Lily and Oscar
  • Repent .... Letitia
  • Mine .... Oscar and Bruce
  • I've Got It All .... Lily and Oscar

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte
  • I Have Written a Play .... Congressman Grover Lockwood
  • Five Zeros .... Owen, Oliver, Letitia, Oscar
  • I Have Written a Play .... Dr. Johnson
  • Sextet .... Owen, Oliver, Oscar, Letitia, Lily, Bruce
  • She's a Nut .... Company
  • Max Jacobs .... Max
  • Babette .... Lily and Company
  • The Legacy .... Oscar
  • Lily, Oscar .... Lily and Oscar
  • Finale (LIfe Is Like a Train) .... Company

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Trivia & History

King Donovan became ill and had to leave the tour early in the run. In fact, it's not cleqr if he played any performances at all or if his illness started even before the first performance. Although he remained listed in the programs for most or perhaps even all of the tour, his understudy, Bruce Daniels, replaced him.

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