The Megilla of Itzik Manger

Broadway Return Engagement (1969)

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  • The Tailor's Megilla
  • Theme of the Megilla
  • Oom Pa Pa Pa
  • Vashti's Farewell
  • Song of the Walnut Tree
  • Fastrigosso's Lament
  • Song of the Rain
  • Song of the Golden Peacock
  • Fly, Little Bird
  • Gevald Aria, The
  • The Tailor's Drinking Song
  • S'a Mechaye
  • The Tailor's Song
  • Revolutionary Song
  • A Mother's Tears
  • Cause Uncle Mordechai Is So Smart
  • Chiribim
  • Lechaim

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Trivia & History

Played a Friday night preview before officially re-opening at the matinee on the following day. Played a schedule that included two performances on both Saturdays and Sundays.

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