Starting Here, Starting Now

Off-Broadway Commercial Transfer (1977)

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Act One

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  • The Word Is Love .... Company
  • Starting Here, Starting Now .... Company
  • A Little Bit Off .... Margery Cohen, George Lee Andrews
  • I Think I May Want to Remember Today .... Loni Ackerman, Cohen
  • Beautiful .... Company
  • We Can Talk to Each Other .... Andrews, Cohen
  • Just Across the River .... Company
  • Crossword Puzzle .... Ackerman
  • Autumn .... Cohen
  • I Don't Remember Christmas .... Andrews
  • I Don't Believe It .... Company
  • I Hear Bells .... Andrews, Company
  • I'm Going to Make You Beautiful .... Cohen
  • Pleased With Myself .... Company

Act Two

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  • Hey There Fans .... Andrews
  • Girl of the Minute .... Company
  • A Girl You Should Know .... Ackerman
  • Travel .... Company
  • Watching the Big Parade Go By .... Cohen
  • Flair .... Andrews
  • What About Today? .... Ackerman
  • One Step .... Company
  • Song of Me .... Cohen
  • Today Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life .... Ackerman, Cohen
  • A New Life Coming .... Company

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Trivia & History

At the end of the run, there was no true producer credit in the program. Only the venue name — Barbarann Theatre Restaurant — was listed above the title as a presenter.

In addition, the list of musical numbers had been removed from the program.

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