Say Hello to Harvey!

Closed prior to Broadway (1981)

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Cast Highlights

Myrtle Mae Simmons...
Veta Louise Simmons...
Elwood P. Dowd...
Nurse Kelly...
Dr. Lyman Sanderson...
Dr. William Chumley...
Mrs. Egremont...
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet...
Mrs. Chumley...

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Musical Numbers

  • Main Program

  • Act One

  • [Overture .... Orchestra]*
  • Smalltown, U.S.A. .... Townspeople
  • The Wednesday Forum .... Veta, Myrtle Mae, Mrs. Egremont, Mrs. Tewksbury, Mrs. Arbuthnot, Mrs. Chumley
  • We Like the Very Same Things .... Elwood
  • That Brother of Mine .... Veta, Myrtle Mae
  • Dr. Chumley .... The Chumley Staff
  • I'd Rather Look at You .... Elwood, Nurse Kelly
  • Do Your Own Thing .... Elwood, Nurse Kelly, Chumley Staff
  • Dr. Chumley .... The Chumley Staff
  • Smalltown, U.S.A. .... Newspaper Boy
  • A Lousy Life .... Veta
  • Bring It to the Bar .... Elwood
  • Elwood P. Dowd .... Elwood, Charlie, Bar Patrons
  • Say Hello to Harvey .... Elwood

  • Act Two

  • [Entr'acte .... Orchestra]*
  • Be Glad .... Nurse Kelly
  • The Perfect Person .... Myrtle Mae, WIlson
  • I Recommend Pleasant .... Elwood
  • One Last Fling .... Dr. Chumley
  • I'd Rather Look at You .... Elwood
  • Say Hello to Harvey .... Elwood

* Song titles in brackets indicate songs that weren't listed in programs but are included here for completeness sake.

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: unknown
OPENING: September 14, 1981
CLOSING: October 17, 1981
LENGTH OF RUN: unknown
RUN TYPE: Open-ended

Location Info

MARKET: Pre-Broadway
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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  • Pre-Broadway (1981)
    Claudia Shell , Sherry Lambert , Jacob Mark Hopkin , Terry Hawkes , Karen Giombetti
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