The Prince of Pilsen

Broadway Return Engagement (1905)

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Carl Otto
Hans Wagner
Lieutenant Tom Wagner
Arthur St. John Wilberforce
Cook's Courier / Sergeant Brie
Mrs. Madison Crocker
Edith Adams

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Modern Pirate, The .... Francois and Chorus of Waiters
  • We Know It's Wrong to Flirt .... Edith Adams and Ensemble
  • Walk, Mister, Walk .... Arthur St. John Wilberforce and Chorus of Vassar Girls
  • Season at the Shore, A .... Mrs. Madison Crocker and Chorus of Golf Girls
  • Hail to Our Noble Guest .... Ensemble
  • Message of the Violet, The .... Lieutenant Tom Wagner and Edith Adams
  • Biff! Bang! .... Carl Otto and Chorus of Heidelberg Students
  • Heidelberg
  • Widow, The .... Mrs. Madison Crocker, Hans Wagner and Arthurs St. John Wilberforce
  • Keep It Dark .... Jimmy, Sidonie and Chorus of Butlers and Maids
  • Pictures in the Smoke .... Carl Otto and Nellie Wagner
  • Auf Weidersehn .... General Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Field and Forest, The .... Edith Adams and Ensemble
  • Imagination .... Hans Wagner
  • American Girl, The .... Mrs. Madison Crocker and Picture Girls
  • Tale of the Sea Shell, The .... Carl Otto, Nellie Wagner and Ensemble
  • Back to the Boulevards .... Francois and Sidonie
  • Our Floral Queen .... Mrs. Madison Crocker and Ensemble
  • Fall In! .... Lieutenant Tom Wagner, Naval Cadets and Ensemble

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