The Messenger Boy

Original London Production (1900)

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Cast Highlights

Hooker Pasha (Commissioner of the Nile)
Cosmos Bey (Agent to Hooker Pasha)
Clive Radnor (a Queen's Messenger)
Captain Pott (of the "S.S. Shark")
Professor Phunckwitz (a German Egyptologist)
Comte Le Fleury
Mr. Tudor Pyke (a Financier)
Lord Punchestown (Governor of El Barra)
Captain Naylor (of the P. and O. "S.S. Sirdar")
Mr. Gascoigne (an Amateur Journalist)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • To our Charity Bazaar, Come buy! buy! buy! .... Chorus
  • If there's anybody pining for a reputation shining .... Cosmos & Chorus
  • Supposing a sweet little maid, well-bred, rather clever and fair .... Lady Punchestown & Pyke
  • Oh, I'm very much afraid there's a lot of scandal made .... Nora & Chorus
  • Oh, my dearest, ere I go, there's one thing I want to know .... Nora & Clive
  • If you want to go by a proper P. & O. .... Cosmos, Daisy, Gascoigne, Le Fleury, & Phunckwitz
  • I am a smart little sort of a chap, very obliging and active .... Tommy & Chorus
  • I'm a little messenger, summon'd by a call .... Rosa & Tommy
  • Tarentella
  • Tra la la la la la la la .... Chorus
  • I met a Miss Mary Maclean on the boat, alone and in charge of the skipper .... Clive & Chorus
  • I will bet the crowd a dinner that I get to Egypt first! .... Captain Naylor, Captain Pott, & Cosmos
  • You talk about detectives in a story, that guess whatever people say or do .... Mrs. Bang & Chorus
  • Oh, Captain, we're sure you can tell us a lot, we want your advice if you please .... Concerted Piece
  • Cast the moorings free, warp the vessels round

Act Two

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  • Sheltered from the noon-day glare, civilized society gazes on the passers by .... Chorus
  • My name it is Hooker Pasha, no family tree can I muster .... Hooker Pasha & Chorus
  • Now this trip you should take .... Clive, Daisy, Gascoigne, Phunckwitz & Le Fleury
  • There's a girl you may have met, if you have you won't forget; she is Maisie .... Isabel & Chorus
  • Dervish Dance
  • Oh, when de moon am rising .... Rosa
  • Now how shall we try to stop this lad? .... Lady Punchestown, Pyke, Mrs. Bang, & Hooker
  • I'm famous Captain Pott .... Captain Pott & Chorus
  • Let the trumpets and the drums, as they blare and roll and rattle, greet the Governor that comes .... Chorus
  • Oh, if you please, I'm Rameses .... Rosa & Tommy
  • The boys go marching down the street, with a tramp, tramp, tramp .... Nora & Chorus
  • Although I'm British born, I do not look with scorn on foreigners as such .... Mrs. Bang & Chorus
  • We will take our wedding trip upon the Nile .... Nora & Clive

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