Original Broadway Production (2005)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • New York City .... Will with All
  • Mother .... Chad, Will, Julie with All
  • Look at Me .... All
  • Money .... Mandy, Marcy, Julia, Julie
  • Twist and Shout .... Mandy, Marcy, Julia, Julie
  • Instant Karma .... Chuck with All
  • India, India .... Julia, Mandy, Will with All
  • Real Love (Boys and Girls) .... Chuck, Will
  • Mind Games .... Chad, Julie with All
  • Ballad of John and Yoko, The .... All
  • How Do You Sleep? .... Mandy
  • God .... Michael with All
  • Give Peace a Chance .... Terrence with All

Act Two

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  • Power to the People .... All
  • Woman is the Nigger of the World .... Marcy with Women
  • Attica State .... Michael, Julie
  • Gimme Some Truth .... Will with All
  • I'm Losing You
  • I'm Moving On .... Chad, Julie
  • I'm Stepping Out .... Will, Chuck with All
  • I Don't Want to Lose You .... Terrence, Julie, Chad
  • Whatever Gets You Through the Night .... Marcy, Will
  • Woman .... Will with All
  • Beautiful Boy .... Julia with All
  • Watching the Wheels .... Will, Chad, Michael, Terrence
  • (Just Like) Starting Over .... Chuck with All
  • Grow Old With Me .... Julie
  • Imagine .... John

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