Lady in the Dark

Encores! Concert (1994)

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Director (Antigravity)...

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Dr. Brooks...
Liza Elliott...
Maggie Grant...
Alison Du Bois...
Russell Paxton...
Charley Johnson...
Randy Curtis...
Kendall Nesbitt...
Little Girl (Act One)...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • Oh Fabulous One in Your Ivory Tower .... Liza's Serenaders
  • The World's Inamorata .... Liza & Miss Foster
  • One Life to Live .... Liza & Russell
  • Girl of the Moment .... Ensemble
  • It Looks Like Liza .... Entire Company
  • Mapleton High Choral .... High School Graduates
  • This Is New .... Randy & Liza
  • The Princess of Pure Delight .... Liza & Children
  • This Woman at the Altar .... Entire Company

  • Act Two

  • The Greatest Show on Earth .... Russell & Ensemble
  • Dance of the Tumblers .... Albertina Rasch Dancers
  • The Best Years of His Life .... Charley & Randy
  • Tchaikowsky .... Russell & Ensemble
  • The Saga of Jenny .... Liza, Jury & Ensemble
  • My Ship .... Liza

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Production Info

OPENING: May 4, 1994
CLOSING: May 7, 1994
LENGTH OF RUN: 4 perf.
RUN TYPE: Limited

Location Info

MARKET: New York


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  • Encores! Cast (1994)
    Brent Weber , Hank Stratton , Kamila Zapytowska , Hank Stratton , Tracy Leigh Spindler
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