La Strada

Original Broadway Production (1969)

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Mario (The Fool)
The Old Man

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Seagull, Starfish, Pebble .... Gelsomina
  • The Great Zampano .... Gelsomina & Zampano
  • What's Going on Inside? .... Zampano
  • Belonging .... Gelsomina
  • Wedding Dance .... Company
  • I Don't Like You .... Gelsomina
  • Encounters .... Gelsomina & Company
  • There's a Circus in Town .... Mario
  • You're Musical .... Mario & Gelsomina
  • Only More! .... Gelsomina

Act Two

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  • With a Man .... Gelsomina & Mama Lambrini
  • Everything Needs Something .... Gelsomina
  • Sooner of Later .... Mario
  • Sooner of Later (reprise) .... Gelsomina
  • Belonging (reprise) .... Gelsomina
  • The End of the Road .... Company

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Trivia & History

The production had announced a Broadway opening date of December 8, 1969, with previews starting on December 3, following a pre-Broadway run at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. At some point before previews started on Broadway, the opening was postponed to December 14. Although December 8 was a Monday, and therefore a day on which the production, which was playing a Monday through Saturday schedule, would normally give a performance, the production played no performance that night.

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