James Joyce's The Dead

Los Angeles Production (2000)

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Cast Highlights

Aunt Julia Morkan
Aunt Kate Morkan
Mary Jane Morkan
Gabriel Conroy
Gretta Conroy
Mr. Browne
Freddy Malins
Mrs. Malins
Miss Molly Ivors
Bartell D'Arcy

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  • Killarney's Lakes .... Mary Jane Morkan, Aunt Kate Morkan and Rita
  • Kate Kearney .... Michael, Mary Jane Morkan and Company
  • Parnell's Plight .... Miss Molly Ivors, Michael, Gabriel Conroy, Gretta Conroy and Company
  • Adieu to Ballyshannon .... Gabriel Conroy and Gretta Conroy
  • When Lovely Lady .... Aunt Julia Morkan and Aunt Kate Morkan
  • Three Jolly Pigeons .... Freddy Malins, Mr. Browne and Company
  • Goldenhair .... Gretta Conroy and Gabriel Conroy
  • Three Graces .... Gabriel Conroy and Company
  • Naughty Girls .... Aunt Julia Morkan, Aunt Kate Morkan, Mary Jane Morkan and Company
  • Wake the Dead .... Freddy Malins and Company
  • D'Arcy's Aria .... Bartell D'Arcy
  • Queen of Our Hearts .... Mr. Browne, Freddy Malins, Gabriel Conroy, Bartell D'Arcy and Michael
  • When Lovely Lady (Reprise) .... Young Julia Morkan and Aunt Julia Morkan
  • Michael Furey .... Gretta Conroy
  • The Living and the Dead .... Gabriel Conroy and Company

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