Actors Fund Concert (2004)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Aquarius .... Lillias White and Tribe
  • Donna .... Lea DeLaria and Tribe
  • Hashish .... Tribe
  • Sodomy .... Jai Rodriguez and Tribe
  • Colored Spade .... Chuck Cooper and Tribe
  • Manchester, England .... Euan Morton, Harris Doran and Tribe
  • Dead End .... Ana Gasteyer and Tribe
  • Sheila Franklin
  • I Believe in Love .... Shoshana Bean and Tribe
  • I'm Black
  • Ain't Got No .... Tribe
  • Air .... Harvey Fierstein
  • Initials .... Laura Benanti
  • I Got Life .... Adam Pascal and Tribe
  • Going Down .... Gavin Creel and Tribe
  • Hair .... Raúl Esparza, Harris Doran and Tribe
  • My Conviction .... RuPaul
  • Easy to Be Hard .... Jennifer Hudson
  • Don't Put It Down .... John Tartaglia, Christopher Seiber and Tribe
  • Frank Mills .... Annie Golden
  • Hare Krishna .... Tribe
  • Where Do I Go? .... Julia Murney and Tribe

Act Two

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  • Hippie Life .... Eden Espinosa, Harris Doran and Tribe
  • Electric Blues .... Toxic Audio
  • Black Boys .... Kathy Brier, Orfeh and Ann Harada
  • White Boys .... Brandi Shavonne Massey, Ledisi and Shayna Steele
  • Walking in Space .... Sherie Rene Scott and Tribe
  • Yes I's Finished on Y'all's Farmlands .... Tribe
  • Abie Baby .... Billy Porter and Tribe
  • Good Morning Starshine .... Liz Callaway and Tribe
  • What a Piece of Work Is Man .... Darius de Haas and Paul Castree
  • Flesh Failures, The
  • Let the Sun Shine In .... Norm Lewis, Harris Doran and Tribe

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