The Frogs

Broadway Production (2004)

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George Bernard Shaw
William Shakespeare
Handmaiden Charisma

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Invocation to the Muses .... 1st Actor, 2nd Actor and Greek Chorus
  • I Love to Travel .... Dionysos, Xanthias and Greek Chorus
  • Dress Big
  • I Love to Travel (Reprise) .... Dionysos and Xanthias
  • All Aboard .... Charon
  • Ariadne .... Dionysos
  • Parodos: The Frogs .... Dionysos, A Splash of Frogs, Fire Belly Bouncing Frogs

Act Two

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  • Hymnos: Evoe! .... 3 Graces, Dionysians, Dionysos and Xanthias
  • Hades .... Pluto and the Hellraisers
  • Parabasis: It's Only a Play .... Greek Chorus
  • Shaw .... Dionysos, Shaw and Shavians
  • All Aboard (Reprise) .... Charon
  • Fear No More .... Shakespeare
  • Hymnos: Evoe! .... Greek Chorus
  • Final Instructions to the Audience .... Dionysos and Company

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Trivia & History

For this production, Nathan Lane made significant revisions to the original book and Stephen Sondheim wrote six new songs and revised the lyrics in the opening number. According to Sondheim, the material was 4/5 Lane's.

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