A Day in the Life of Just About Everyone

Original Off-Broadway Production (1971)

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  • If I Could Live My Life Again
  • The View From My Window
  • A Brief Dissertation on the Relevancy of a Liberal Education in a Contemporary Society
  • Fare Thee Well
  • A Waltz for Two Balloons
  • Safe
  • When I Was a Child
  • Give Us This Day
  • Goin' Home
  • Out of Town
  • Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Clyde
  • Everybody Loves a Simple Girl
  • Two Grown-Up People at Play
  • What Do I Do Now
  • Got to Be a Woman Now
  • He's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Me
  • A Woman Is Just a Female
  • Faces Without Names
  • Paper Tiger
  • The People in the Street
  • Visiting Hours
  • The Man I Could Have Been
  • Isn't That What Makes Life Worthwhile
  • If I Could Live My Life Again

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