Cry for Us All

Original Broadway Production (1970)

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Cast Highlights

Kathleen Stanton
Edward Quinn
Bessie Legg
Petey Boyle
Matt Stanton
Father Stanislaus Coyne
John "Black Jack" Haggerty

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • See No Evil .... Street Rats
  • The End of My Race .... Matt
  • How Are Ya Since? .... Kathleen, Matt, Constituents
  • The Mayor's Chair .... Quinn
  • The Cruelty Man .... Street Rats
  • The Verandah Waltz .... Kathleen and Matt
  • Home Free All .... Matt, Street Rats, Constituents
  • The Broken Heart or The Wages of Sin .... Street Rats
  • The Confessional .... Matt and Father Maloney
  • Who to Love If Not a Stranger? .... Kathleen
  • Cry for Us All .... Petey and Mourners
  • Swing Your Bag .... Bessie
  • Call In to Her .... Kathleen and Matt
  • That Slavery Is Love .... Kathleen
  • I Lost It .... Street Rats
  • Aggie, Oh Aggie .... Quinn
  • The Leg of the Duck .... Petey
  • This Cornucopian Land .... Matt and Constituents
  • How Are Ya Since? (Reprise) .... Kathleen and Quinn
  • The Wages of Sin (Reprise) .... Street Rats
  • Cry for Us All (Reprise) .... Constituents

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Trivia & History

The title was originally announced as Cry for Us All, and the show opened in New Haven under that title. During the Boston run, it was changed to Who to Love, but then it changed back to Cry for Us All by the time previews started on Broadway.

In Dennis McGovern and Deborah Grace Winer's book Sing Out, Louise! (a collection of reminiscences from Broadway performers), Cry for Us All cast member Elaine Cancilla tells this story:

"I remember it had been pretty well sold out in Boston, and one matinee day we looked out and saw a sea of red chairs. We found out later from our box office person that it was a benefit for Hadassah or B'nai Brith ladies, and they all turned their tickets in when they realized it wasn't Cry for Saul. They didn't care to see Cry for Us All, a nice Irish Catholic show."

While the story sounds far-fetched, perhaps there is a degree of truth in it that might explain the temporary title change to the rather awful Who to Love.

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