The Beggar's Opera

New York Revival (1750)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Through All the Employments of Life .... Peachum
  • Tis the Woman that Seduces all Mankind .... Filch
  • If Any Wench Venus's Girdle Wear .... Mrs. Peachum
  • If Love the Virgin's Heart Invade .... Mrs. Peachum
  • A Maid is Like the Golden Oar .... Mrs. Peachum
  • Virgins Are Like the Fair Flower in Its Lustre .... Polly
  • Our Polly Is a Sad Slut .... Mrs. Peachum
  • Can Love Be Controlled by Advise? .... Polly
  • Oh Polly, You Might Have Toy'd and Kissed .... Mrs. Peachum & Polly
  • I, Like a Ship in Storms, was Tossed .... Polly
  • A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir .... Peachum
  • Oh Ponder Well .... Polly
  • The Turtle Thus with Plaintive Crying .... Polly
  • Pretty Polly, Say .... Macheath & Polly
  • My Heart Was So Free .... Macheath
  • Were I Laid on Greenland's Coast .... Macheath & Polly
  • Oh What Pain It is to Part .... Polly & Macheath
  • The Miser Thus a Shilling Sees .... Macheath & Polly

Act Two

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  • Fill Every Glass .... Matt o' the Mint & Chorus
  • Let Us Take the Road .... Matt o' the Mint & Chorus
  • If the Heart of a Man is Depressed with Cares .... Macheath
  • Youth's the Season Made for Joys .... Macheath & Ladies' Chorus
  • Before the Barn-Door Crowing .... Jenny Diver
  • The Gamesters and Lawyers are Jugglers Alike .... Jenny Diver
  • At the Tree I Shall Suffer with Pleasure .... Macheath
  • Man May Escape from Rope and Gun .... Macheath
  • Thus When a Good Housewife Sees a Rat .... Lucy
  • How Cruel Are the Traitors .... Lucy
  • The First Time at the Looking-Glass .... Macheath
  • When You Censure the Age .... Lockit & Peachum
  • Is Then His Fate Decreed, Sir? .... Lucy
  • You'll Think e'er Many Days Ensue .... Lockit
  • If You at an Office Solicit Your Due .... Macheath
  • Thus when the Swallow, Seeking Prey .... Polly
  • How Happy Could I Be with Either .... Macheath
  • I'm Bubbled .... Polly & Lucy
  • Cease Your Funning .... Polly
  • Why How Now, Madam Flirt? .... Lucy & Polly
  • No Power on Earth Can e'er Divide .... Polly
  • I, Like the Fox, Shall Grieve .... Lucy

Act Three

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  • When Young at the Bar You First Taught Me to Score .... Lucy
  • My Love Is All Maddness and Folly .... Lucy
  • Thus Gamesters United in Friendship are Found .... Lockit
  • The Modes of the Court So Common are Grown .... Macheath
  • What Gudgeons Are We Men .... Lockit
  • In the Days of My Youth .... Mrs.Trapes
  • I'm Like a Skiff on the Ocean Tossed .... Lucy
  • When a Wife's in her Pout .... Lucy
  • A Curse Attends that Woman's Love .... Polly & Lucy
  • Among the Men Coquets we Find .... Polly
  • Come, Sweet Lass .... Lucy
  • Hither, Dear Husband, Turn Your Eyes .... Polly & Lucy
  • Which Way Shall I Turn Me? .... Macheath
  • When My Hero in Court Appears .... Polly
  • When He Holds Up His Hand .... Lucy
  • Ourselves, like the Great, to Secure a Retreat .... Lockit
  • The Charge is Prepared .... Macheath
  • O Cruel, Cruel, Cruel Case! .... Macheath
  • Of all the Friends in Time of Grief .... Macheath
  • Since I Must Swing
  • But now again my Spirits Sink
  • But Valour the Stronger Grows
  • If Thus--A Man Can Die
  • So I Drink off this Bumper
  • But can I Leave my Pretty Hussies
  • Their Eyes, Their Lips, Their Busses
  • Since Laws Were Made for Every Degree
  • Would I Might Be Hang'd .... Lucy, Polly, Macheath & Chorus
  • Thus I Stand Like the Turk .... Macheath

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Trivia & History

The list of scenes and songs was prepared from a reproduction of the libretto published in 1728 in London.

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