Baker Street

Original Broadway Production (1965)

Trivia & History

During at least part of the tryout, "Buffalo Belle" was in the show. Prior to the Broadway opening, it was replaced by "I'm in London Again," and that song was on the cast recording. But not long ago after that, "I'm in London Again" was cut, and it was replaced by "Buffalo Belle."

There were reports in the press early on that Anne Jeffreys would be playing Irene Adler.

There were press announcements in January 1962 that Michael Langham would direct the production. In July 1963, it was announced that Joshua Logan would be the director. In December 1963, it was announced that Logan had asked to be released from his contract. In January 1964, it was announced that Harold Prince would be the director.

When the production opened, there was a playbill listing for Singing and Dancing Ensemble. There were separate listings under that heading for Dancers and Singers. Later in the run, there was no heading for Singing and Dancing Ensemble. Instead, there was a heading for The Company, and there was no division under that into Dancers and Singers. To find replacements for the Singing and Dancing Ensemble/The Company, look under General Replacements on the credits page.

Broadway previews started on February 10, 1965. Ads and ABCs listings indicated that tickets were available "at regular prices" for  previews on Wednesday, February 10; Saturday, February 13 (matinee and evening); and Monday, February 15. That might indicate that there were only four previews, but it seems likely that there were previews on Thursday and Friday evenings, but they had been sold as benefits.

The songs "I'm in London Again," "Cold Clear World," "I Shall Miss You," and "Buffalo Belle" (which replaced "I'm in London Again" shortly after the Broadway opening) were by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. Bock and Harnick received no playbill credit for their contributions.

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