The Art of Living

Original London Production (1960)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Travel Now .... Hiram Sherman, Carole Shelley, Barbara Evans, Stella Claire, Judy Bruce and Jean Rayner
  • Keep Britain Tidy .... Hiram Sherman and Graham Stark
  • Dearest Mary .... Carole Shelley
  • Les Bluebell Girls .... Hiram Sherman, Craig Hunter, Barbara Evans, Stella Claire, Judy Bruce and Jean Rayner
  • The Nubam of Lemon .... Graham Stark
  • I Love U.2 .... Stella Claire, George Baron and Edward Woodward
  • No Place to Go .... Barbara Evans
  • Arms Race .... Edward Woodward, George Baron and Craig Hunter
  • Empire Loyalist .... Hiram Sherman and Graham Stark
  • Havana .... Stella Claire
  • En Location .... Edward Woodward, George Baron and Craig Hunter
  • Sight Seeing .... Graham Stark and Judy Bruce
  • The Story Teller .... Hiram Sherman and Carole Shelley
  • Pappagalli .... The Company
  • Fellow Travellers .... Hiram Sherman
  • The One Franc Miracle .... The Company

Act Two

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  • Shoom-Shi-Baasha .... The Company
  • The Wisherman's Song .... Edward Woodward
  • Anything to Declare .... Carole Shelley and Graham Stark
  • Pure Pornography .... Hiram Sherman, Barbara Evans, Edward Woodward, Judy Bruce and Carole Shelley
  • D.F.C. and Bar .... Hiram Sherman and Graham Stark
  • The Butler of Kensington .... Barbara Evans and Edward Woodward
  • Dr. of Music .... Hiram Sherman, Graham Stark and Carole Shelley
  • The Only Thing I Missed .... Judy Bruce
  • Awkward Questions .... Graham Stark and Stella Claire
  • Oh Lars .... Carole Shelley and George Baron
  • Fulfilling Requests .... Hiram Sherman
  • Neapolitan Nostalgia .... Graham Stark, Edward Woodward and George Baron
  • Finale .... The Company

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Trivia & History

For the most part, we are uncertain at present which of the listed numbers were sketches or monologues and which were songs. There is no indication in the program, and with no cast recording and very little having been written about the show, we cannot say.

The authorship credits on the title page in the program were listed thus:

Based on the writings of Art Buchwald

Music and Lyrics by Monty Norman and David Heneker

On the same line, to the right, this appeared:

Lyrics and sketches by Julian More

Below that was this:

Additional sketches by Johnny Speight.

At the bottom of the two pages on which the musicals numbers were listed, additional writing credits were given. These were:

Keep Britain Tidy, Empire Loyalist and Dr. of Music by Johnny Speight

No Place to Go by Todd Matshikiza and John Morley

There was no traditional cast list in the program. There were three pages of photos with cast members, and each of the photos had a list of which cast members in that photo, but none of the photos included all the cast members. Even on the title page, no cast members were listed. It is easy enough to ascertain who was in the show from the photos and from the list of musical numbers, sketches and monologues, which listed the performer(s) for each number, sketch or monologue.

The program had bios for only four of the cast members. We have placed those cast members at the top of our cast list, in the order in which their bios appeared, and we have listed the rest of the cast alpabetically following those four cast members with bios.

No costume designer or lighting designer was credited, although several costume suppliers were credited in the area where minor, miscellaneous credits were listed.

The program listed five musicians as members of the orchestra: one each on piano, drums, guitar, accordion and bass.

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