The Archers, or, the Mountaineers of Switzerland

Original New York Production (1796)

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Leader of the Orchestra

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William Tell
Walter Furst
Werner Staffach
Arnold Melcthal
Lieutenant to Gesler
Burgomaster of Altdorf

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  • We tell a tale of Liberty to-night
  • Come who'll buy my baskets?
  • Here are bowls by the dozen, and spoons by the gross
  • If a man would a faithful follower have
  • The soldiers are devilish kind
  • Forever lives the patriot's fame
  • Genius of our pine-clad hills
  • Uri's sons, with open arms
  • To the war-horn's loud and solemn blast
  • March our bold yeomen dauntless to the field
  • Why, Huntress, Why, (wilt thou thy life expose)?
  • At trumpet's clang, or the war-horn's sound
  • Let every act, let every thought
  • How happy is a soldier's life
  • While thus with mind infirm and limbs unnerved
  • Come, Conrad, awake from your trance!
  • Come all ye pretty maidens
  • There lived in Altdorf city fair
  • While man, with high-wrought impious pride
  • Dear is the homely cot, and dear the shed
  • Hark! from the mountain's awful head
  • Haste, my Maidens, haste with me!
  • He comes! he comes! the victor comes
  • In storied page where shall we find
  • Good mistress, kind lady, my thanks receive
  • Come, my maidens, haste away!
  • When heaven pours blessings all around

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